Firefighter’s Support Alliance is the direct grassroots public policy & political engagement arm of Firefighters and EMS Fund. The project was specifically formed to directly engage the public and voters about significant issues and solutions that impact the health of America’s heroes.  The Firefighters Support Alliance will accomplish this by supporting and sponsoring digital marketing and mass media campaigns using targeted messaging and shining a light on issues that provide grassroots-direct issue, political and public awareness.

Our Background

Firefighters and EMS Fund launched its newest project called “Firefighter’s Support Alliance” which will be the main public engagement and messaging arm of the organization that will raise awareness about political and public policy issues that affect firefighters’ health and wellbeing.  The project comes on the heels of the organization’s in-depth research from 2018-2019 that revealed a deepening health and wellness crisis among firefighters.

Firefighter’s Support Alliance works to directly engage citizens and voters by using digital and mass media efforts to raise general public awareness. Firefighter’s Support Alliance believes that a direct grassroots approach will be the most effective way to raise awareness and advocate for solutions to these problems.