Firefighter’s Support Alliance was formed with one goal in mind: to support and advance important political issues that affect firefighters nationwide by focusing its efforts on the creation of legislation in cooperation with other advocacy groups.

Firefighter safety and health is an issue that goes underreported and under appreciated, and our goal is to raise awareness and engage in political activity to support legislation and referenda that will save lives.

Firefighters work in some of the most rigorous conditions imaginable on a daily basis. They are often left life-long reminders of their sacrifices helping our nation’s citizens. Injuries, illnesses, and cancers are all opponents firefighters must battle while also battling the blaze. We are fighting to ensure firefighters receive the best equipment and care and that preventative measures are taken by supporting legislation and referenda that will support our firefighters.

Firefighters Support Alliance’s focus is on legislative and political advocacy as well as recognize elected officials and political leaders and engage voters at the local and state level to support our political causes.

Use of Funds

The Firefighter’s Support Alliance raises funds from its members, lodges and the public to support political and issue efforts across the country. These efforts include but are not limited to:
  • Referendum voter engagement
  • Voter registration and mobilization
  • Political and issue advertising about key issues
  • Grassroots lobbying and advocacy