Covid-19 Effects on First Responders (VIDEO)

On March 13, 2020, then-President Donald Trump and his administration declared a national emergency concerning the Covid-19 virus. It was the beginning of pandemic life in America. However, the effects of what would go on to be an ongoing emergency were not felt evenly across American society. For many, work in pandemic America meant leaving the office and picking up at home. Remote life became the new normal for many.

But for others, the situation was far more severe. Restaurants were closed down, the travel industry was decimated, and millions deemed essential workers were put at the front lines to continue serving the public. Firefighters and other emergency personnel are among the countless heroes who had no other option but to endure the risks of a pandemic while reporting for work each and every day during the worst of the last year living under Covid-19.

And the legacy of Covid-19 and the toll it has taken on emergency personnel will likely impact these services in the coming year and beyond.

Our newest video, Covid-19 Effects on First Responders, explores the initial challenges faced by emergency personnel at the outset of the virus and the challenges we may see in the near future, including:

Covid-19 Effects on First Responders - Firefighters Support Alliance
  • Insufficient Personal Protective Equipment Supplies
  • Massive Loss of Tax Revenues Used for Funding
  • Impending Lay-off Crisis for Struggling Departments

One of the greatest threats to first responders before Covid-19 was insufficient funding. In the Covid-Era, this has only accelerated.

IAFC on Covid-19 Effects on First Responders

In this video we note International Association of Fire Chiefs President, Gary Ludwig, who states:

“The same firefighters the country considered essential in battling COVID-19 are suddenly told they’re no longer needed…”

It is essential for the public who supports first responders to understand the crisis departments are now facing to properly fund their operations.

This video is an important one to our mission to serve the needs of the first responder community, we hope that you will take time to watch and join us in advocating for the needs of our communities’ heroes.

Image Credit: Photo by Anna Mircea on Unsplash

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